Bacati - Basketball Orange/Grey Muslin Boys Crib Bedding Set

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The Bacati Boys Nursery-in-a-Bag US Standard Crib Bedding Set - Adorable Basketball Orange/Grey Décor

This Bacati crib set adds a whimsical touch to your precious child's nursery. Bacati is known for its fun, colorful, and signature fabrics and prints. In this collection, we bring you a charming, cozy Basketball orange and grey. The nursery set includes everything you need for newborn & infant nursery décor, plus form AND function!
Comes in multiple options to choose from :

3 pc Crib Bedding Set: Reversible 4 layered muslin Lux Blanket/Playmat, Fitted Crib Sheet (1) and Crib Skirt/Bed Ruffle.

4 pc Crib Set with Wearable Blanket/Sack: Reversible 4 layered muslin Lux Blanket/Playmat, Muslin Wearable Blanket/Sack, Fitted Crib Sheet (1) and Crib Skirt/Bed Ruffle.

8 pc Crib Set with Crib Rail Guard: Reversible 4 layered muslin Lux Blanket/Playmat, Four Muslin Swaddling Blankets(4), Long Side Crib Rail Guard (1), Fitted Crib Sheet (1) and Crib Skirt/Bed Dust Ruffle 

10 pc Crib Set with 4 Swaddling Blankets : Reversible 4 layered muslin Lux Blanket/Playmat, Reversible Crib Comforter, Four Muslin Swaddling Blankets (4), Fitted Crib Sheet (1), Crib Skirt/Bed Dust Ruffle, and 3-Piece Hanging Nursery Wall Décor

Reversible 4 layers of Muslin Lux Blanket/Playmat:  The reversible Lux Blanket/playmat features Bacati Coordinated Signature Prints on both sides with solid border to accentuate the look. The Lux Blanket/playmat large enough, which allows for several years of use before it is outgrown. Ideally to be used as playmat for playtime/tummy time, bonding with parents and later as a toddler comforter. Dimensions: 33 x 43 inches with 4 layers of muslin fabric

Muslin Crib Fitted Sheet: On the crib fitted sheet, your little one will enjoy dreaming on top of the 100 percent cotton percale in Bacati Signature Print. With elastic around the top and bottom corners for added safety/fit, the crib sheet perfectly sized to ensure the snug fit around a US standard size crib mattress without mattress pads. Dimensions: 53 x 28 x 6 inches

Muslin Reversible Long Crib Rail Guard: The reversible Long Side Crib Rail Guard comes with one side with our signature Bacati prints pm on both sides solid color piping and ties. The rail guard measures 52 x 14 inches, a perfect combination of polyester padding wrapped in 100% cotton percale fabrics.

Solid Cotton Percale Crib Skirt / Bed Dust Ruffle: Adding a pop of color to your nursery, the crib skirt features simple yet classic print. It is perfect for a US standard sized crib. Dimensions: 52 x 27 inches Deck with 13 inches Drop

3 Piece Wall Hangings: These embroidered wall hangings are designed as an accessory to complete the theme of the nursery. Details on these wall hangings are sure to stimulate your baby’s mind while you are changing diapers etc. Dimensions: 10 x 10 inches to 9 x 13 inches depending on the style

MUSLIN SWADDLING BLANKETS: It includes four oversize swaddling blankets. These blankets are lightweight, Open Weave, Prewashed soft cotton swaddling blanket; helps reduce the risk of overheating, ideal for warmer climates. It's machine washable and gets softer with every wash. It has multiple uses; as a burp cloth, tummy time blanket, nursing and stroller cover, changing pad cover and much more. Size: 45 x 45 inches