Lumberjack Red/Black Boys Crib Bedding Set

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The Bacati Nursery-in-a-Bag US Standard Crib Bedding Set - Adorable Red/Black/Gray Lumberjack, Buffalo Plaids and Woodlands Animals Décor

This Bacati crib set adds a whimsical touch to your precious child's nursery. Bacati is known for its fun, colorful, and signature fabrics and prints. In this collection, we bring you a charming, cozy lumberjack, buffalo plaids and woodland animals theme in aqua, navy and gray. The nursery set includes everything you need for newborn & infant nursery décor, plus form AND function!
Comes in multiple options to choose from :

3 pc Crib Bedding Set: Reversible Crib Comforter, Fitted Crib Sheet (1) and Crib Skirt/Bed Ruffle.

4 pc Crib Set with Diaper Stacker: Reversible Crib Comforter, Diaper Caddy, Fitted Crib Sheet (1) and Crib Skirt/Bed Ruffle.

6 pc Crib Set with Crib Rail Guard: Reversible Crib Comforter, Diaper Caddy, Long Side Crib Rail Guard (1), Fitted Crib Sheet (1), Crib Skirt/Bed Dust Ruffle and Window Valance for Nursery Window.

10 pc Crib Set with Crib Rail Guard: Reversible Crib Comforter, Diaper Caddy, Long Side Crib Rail Guard (1), Fitted Crib Sheet (1), Crib Skirt/Bed Dust Ruffle, Window Valance for Nursery Window, Musical Mobile for Crib with Toys and 3-Piece Hanging Nursery Wall Décor

10 pc Crib Set with 2 Crib Fitted Sheets: Reversible Crib Comforter, Diaper Caddy, 2 Fitted Crib Sheets (2), Crib Skirt/Bed Dust Ruffle, Window Valance for Nursery Window and Musical Mobile for Crib with Toys and 3-Piece Hanging Nursery Wall Décor

Reversible Comforter/Playmat:  The reversible comforter/playmat features Bacati Coordinated Signature Prints on both sides with solid border to accentuate the look. The comforter/playmat large enough, which allows for several years of use before it is outgrown. Ideally to be used as playmat for playtime/tummy time, bonding with parents and later as a toddler comforter. Dimensions: 33 x 43 inches around 1 inch thick

Crib Fitted Sheet: On the crib fitted sheet, your little one will enjoy dreaming on top of the 100 percent cotton percale in Bacati Signature Print. With elastic around the top and bottom corners for added safety/fit, the crib sheet perfectly sized to ensure the snug fit around a US standard size crib mattress without mattress pads. Dimensions: 53 x 28 x 6 inches

Reversible Long Crib Rail Guard: The reversible Long Side Crib Rail Guard comes with one side with our signature Bacati prints pm on both sides solid color piping and ties. The rail guard measures 52 x 14 inches, a perfect combination of polyester padding wrapped in 100% cotton percale fabrics.

Crib Skirt / Bed Dust Ruffle: Adding a pop of color to your nursery, the crib skirt features simple yet classic print. It is perfect for a US standard sized crib. Dimensions: 52 x 27 inches Deck with 13 inches Drop

Window Valance: The valance will dress up the nursery window nicely. It is designed for a 3-inch curtain rods. Dimensions: 54” width x 15” Drop with 3 inch rod pocket & 1 inch header

3 Piece Wall Hangings: These embroidered wall hangings are designed as an accessory to complete the theme of the nursery. Details on these wall hangings are sure to stimulate your baby’s mind while you are changing diapers etc. Dimensions: 10 x 10 inches to 9 x 13 inches depending on the style

Diaper Caddy/Stacker: With a combination of the Bacati Signature Prints, the diaper stacker is the perfect way to conceal diapers! Being large enough to hold 2-3 dozen newborn diapers, you’ll be able to store a good week’s worth of diapers in this colorful element of your nursery helping you keep the nursery organized as well as keep the diapers within reach while performing diaper duties

Musical Mobile: Saving the best for last, our redesigned mobile features a various soothing lullaby. It comes with Music Box with 10 different tunes with tune selector besides power switch so you can play or shut off the music. You can also adjust the volume to your child’s liking. Requires 2 AA Batteries not included.